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Toronto Sign Company

Promote your company with effective business graphics and signs by your experienced local Toronto sign company, Toronto Custom Signs!

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As your experienced local sign professionals, our local team takes care of each and every component of your sign and graphic job on-site in our sign shop. We focus on giving you excellent service, renewable signs and graphics, and high-quality components, which makes us the right sign and graphics partner for all of your business signage desires.

An excellent tool for showing possible clients about why they should shop with you, your business signage is a highly effective asset for brand building purposes and shopper assistance. With attractive outdoor signage, cohesive indoor signs, and highly effective promotional signs, our experts make certain your company simply cannot be overlooked.

Our committed local Toronto sign company will provide clever signage products and solutions for your specific business and brand promotion goals.

Call Toronto Custom Signs today at (647) 361-2019 for your Free Consultation with a Signs & Graphics expert!

Signs That Work For You

Ready to enhance your typical customer value, accelerate your business traffic, or improve your team member productiveness?

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Toronto Custom Signs creates the eye-catching graphics, signs, and full displays your business needs to do just that. Starting from the primary free consultation to on-site sign installation, our experts make sure that we are developing the most appropriate signage solutions for your business goals, location, desires, and budget.

Our professionals work hard to understand your particular business visibility targets, so they can provide intentional sign and graphic solutions that will get the job done for your business. The proper signs and graphics attract attention to your business, allow customers to easily understand what you can do for them, and make it easier to provide passive wayfinding assistance to your visitors and guests.

When you need attention-grabbing wayfinding signs, storefront logo signs, lobby signage, or any other custom sign and graphic element, we have the tools needed to get your business noticed and your unique brand remembered long-term.

The Right Signage For Your Business

According to a survey, around 50% of shoppers decided to step inside a business simply because of on-premise signage they saw. It turns out, getting business signs from a reputable local provider can do a lot more for your establishment than you’d expect.

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With business signs that catch attention and engage audiences, you can actually expect an increase in your customer footfall, brand awareness, and ultimately your bottom line.

Toronto Custom Signs has been in the Ontario signage industry for a long time and we’ve learned the importance of working with our clients throughout the entire sign-making process. In order for us to give you the solutions that meet your signage needs, it’s important for us to know your needs first. This is why we start off with an initial consultation free of charge.

One of our signage specialists meets with you to get a clear understanding of your business, branding, vision, needs, and project goals. We also use this time to give you honest feedback and practical advice about the sign types that you’re looking to get. As a complete Toronto signage company, we have a vast selection of business signs such as pole signs, channel letters, wall decals, floor signs, wayfinders, vinyl banners, trade show booths, retractable signs, yard signs, and even vehicle wraps.

Here at Toronto Custom Signs, we want you to have the signage system that meets your needs in the most attractive, impactful, and cost-effective way possible.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

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High-quality outdoor signage here in Canada requires more than impressive aesthetics, they need to be durable enough to withstand the Canadian heat, humidity, rain, and snow. The climate here can be diverse and at times extreme and as a trusted local signage company for many years. Toronto Custom Signs is fully aware of this. We custom design and build our products with durability and resilience in mind.

We offer all kinds of outdoor signs, from street signs, pole signs, pylon signs, awning signs, yard signs, outdoor banners, hanging signs, channel letters, and even LED neon signs. We make sure that the signs you receive are carefully and strategically crafted just for you.

From the very start of our sign-making process, our team makes sure we know exactly what you need, where it’s going to be placed, how big it’s going to be, how it’s going to look, etc.

Indoor & Interior Signs

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When you’ve got your outdoor signs working and you get the foot traffic you need, you’re going to want to follow through on brand awareness and customer engagement. You can do this with effective and brand-cohesive indoor signs by Toronto Custom Signs.

Indoor signs may have a quieter, more subtle approach compared to outdoor signs, but that doesn’t make them any less impactful. When smartly designed, carefully crafted, and strategically installed in your space, interior signage can be a powerful weapon for branding and marketing campaigns.

Here at Toronto Custom Signs, we have the talent, tools, and techniques that make it possible for you to have tasteful and brand-cohesive interior signage for your business, school, office, clinic, firm, government agency, or NGO. Through the indoor signage solutions that we offer, we aim to help make your space more easily navigable, more organized, safer, and more representative of your brand identity. If you’re looking for indoor signs that comply with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) guidelines, we’ve got them here at Toronto Custom Signs too.

Regardless of the complexity, scope, or size of your sign and graphics project, we’re here for you! We want to be your local provider for all your signage needs.

Custom Signs

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Toronto Custom Signs provides high-quality, eye-catching custom signs, wraps, and graphics to perfectly highlight your unique brand!

Commercial signage, in order to be effective, must complement and promote your brand everywhere it can be seen. With custom signs and graphics by Toronto Custom Signs, you can be confident that we will deliver attractive custom signage that both suits your brand and location, as well as your budget, timeframe, and unique needs.

Not only custom sign and graphics projects are complex or expensive. Sometimes sign customization simply means utilizing your brand colours, fonts, or logos to make a standard signage element more cohesive with your branding, such as your ADA signs and wayfinding signs, customized channel letters for your storefront, or an elegant and simple lobby logo sign.

Custom signs can also mean completely unique sign fabrication, including custom structure, applying graphics and marketing messages to unique materials or utilizing custom methods such as etching or sandblasting.

We know that ordering custom signage can be challenging, so we make it as easy as possible. Our Toronto custom sign and graphics experts guide you through the entire signage process to ensure you are comfortable with the early designs and our end product.

Complete Commercial Signage Company

Toronto Custom Signs has been in the Ontario sign industry for a long time now, and we’ve learned over the years that working closely with you is key to a successful project, no matter how big or small.

Having worked with such a varied set of clients over the years, we know that every business has unique signage needs, and that’s why we deliver unique signage solutions. Every sign we deliver is custom-crafted to suit your branding, personal taste, business goal, location, and even your budget.

We want to be a part of your journey to success. Whether you’re a small business, large corporation, franchise, or non-profit, custom signage by Toronto Custom Signs can help you get the exposure and engagement that you need to grow and expand.

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Toronto Sign Company monument channel letters custom outdoor client scaled 1 298x300We start with an initial consultation with one of our experienced signage specialists, free of charge. We meet up and talk about the details of your project including your needs, branding style, personal taste, vision, business goals, and budget. We also answer your questions, address your concerns, provide honest feedback, and give you practical recommendations regarding your signage. Toronto Custom Signs even does on-site evaluations.


When the exact sign type, placement, and materials have been decided, our Design Team can get to work. They get the materials, art files, and elements ready for sign design. Once a visual mock-up of your signage is ready, we submit it to you for review, feedback, and approval.

Once approved, the design is then sent over to the production floor. Our fabricators and sign designers work together to make sure that your signage turns out exactly the way it should. When your signage is ready to get set up, the project is handed over to our team of sign installers for a quick, safe, and proper installation.

Here at Toronto Custom Signs, we put a lot of value in the quality of products and in the excellence of service. This is why we strive to give every single one of our clients the very best of both. We are here for you from consultation to installation!

Our Commitment To You

Toronto Sign Company torontosigncompany 1 300x140Toronto Custom Signs completely understands just how important high-quality signage is for every Toronto business and organization’s growth.

Our sign and graphic experts deliver the best products and customer support for your signage projects. We look forward to becoming your local partner for all your commercial signage needs!

Contact Toronto Custom Signs today at (647) 361-2019 for your Free Consultation with a Signs & Graphics expert!