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When people say business signage, they almost always think about your outdoor or exterior signs; and that doesn’t really come as a surprise. Outdoor signs are what we first notice about a business, and they’re what usually draw potential customers to an establishment. But the job doesn’t stop at effective outdoor signage; you also need to think about what to do after people have stepped inside your space. This is where indoor signage by Toronto Custom Signs can help you.

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Indoor signs have a quiet but highly effective approach to helping almost every establishment grow and succeed. When designed, crafted, and installed tastefully and strategically, interior signage can play a huge role in achieving your business goals through easy navigation, organized space, smooth operations, and ultimately an increased bottom line.

We’ve been in the Toronto sign business for a long time and we understand that every business has unique signage needs that call for unique signage solutions. When it comes to our indoor signage projects, we make sure that you get the exact indoor sign type that suits your organization best.

Whether you’re a retail store, law firm, school, dental clinic, supermarket, boutique, restaurant, warehouse, or hotel, Toronto Custom Signs is ready to meet up, plan out, conceptualize, and create highly effective indoor signage with you.

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AODA-Compliant Indoor Signs

Custom AODA SignsMany businesses here in Toronto need to comply to the guidelines and regulations of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), and one of the areas that the act covers is signage. The act aims to help customers and visitors with disabilities navigate and move around in your building safely and comfortably. Among AODA requirements for establishment signage are sans serif fonts, combined upper and lower case letters, Grade 1 braille, tonal contrast consisting of at least 70%, and matte or glare-free surfaces.

Providing AODA-compliant indoor signage can be a challenging task and not all sign providers are up for it, but Toronto Custom Signs definitely is. Our team of sign and graphic designers, sign fabricators, and sign installers have the experience and expertise to deliver indoor signs that are compliant both to AODA as well as your branding style.

Interior Signage For Office Buildings

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Office buildings are often home to several different businesses or can have multiple rooms and departments for a single business. The complexity of navigating an office space frequently leaves visitors and guests seeking assistance, typically from a receptionist or attendant. By installing supportive wayfinding signs, directories, and room identification signage, you can intuitively support your guests in navigating your space without distracting your staff from other tasks.

Many businesses also utilize their corporate signage as a branding tool by including elements like lobby logo signs, wall murals, floor signs, window graphics, and more throughout their facilities. These signage types can reinforce your brand, add professionalism and cohesion to your facilities, and make staff, guests, and clients feel comfortable and confident when doing business with you.

Retail & Restaurant Indoor Signs

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Retail stores and restaurants use interior signage in many different ways to promote their products, assist their customers, and support their staff. From department signs that assist with wayfinding to product displays and promotional point of purchase signage, the right blend of retail signage will make it easy for your customers to spend more with you.

Branding is a big deal for retail companies and restaurants looking to attract repeat customers. Complementary and cohesive signage elements that utilize your branding components, such as fonts, colors, and logos, are highly professional, making a big positive impact on your consumer. When they see your branding everywhere they turn, they can’t help but be reminded of it the next time they are looking for a provider like you.

We make sure your retail and restaurant signs are high-impact, informative, and promotional, working together to build and sustain a healthy business for you.

Signs for Warehouses & Manufacturing

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Even businesses that aren’t typically public-facing need effective and impactful signage elements to support their branding and operations. From supporting safety practices to improving employee morale, signage in warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities is often focused on staff awareness and guidance.

Custom safety signs, banners, murals, floor graphics, room identification signs, and wayfinding signage all provide important information to your team, allowing them to more effectively and efficiently complete their work. Our goal is to provide you with signage that supports a safe and happy workplace.

Toronto Custom Signs is your Toronto indoor signs and graphics partner, delivering impactful manufacturing signage as well as providing personal support and guidance to ensure you have the ideal signs for your business needs.

Cohesive Commercial Indoor Signage

Supporting your business growth and building brand name recognition for your business requires consistency throughout your marketing and messaging elements. By having and utilizing solid brand guidelines, you not only get the repeated brand exposure needed for long-term recall, you also provide a more cohesive, professional corporate image.

We understand the value of cohesive commercial signage, and will incorporate your branding elements throughout your wayfinding, promotional, and permanent signs and graphics.

From your storefront signs to your restroom signs, we create cohesive spaces that transform your workplace and reinforce your brand. We provide complete sign design support, and can handle every stage of your new signage project, from conceptualization to installation.

Every Indoor Sign You Need!

Toronto Indoor Signs cabinet wall lobby logo sign client 300x250Toronto Custom Signs is your complete Toronto interior signage provider, delivering attractive and cohesive indoor signs that support your business and brand.

Promotional signs, AODA signs, wayfinding signs, branded signs, whatever you need, we can deliver. We utilize our experience and our free consultation to understand what signage elements will best support your goals and space, in order to recommend an appropriate signage blend.

From individual graphic elements to an entire interior signage buildout, we deliver high-quality, attractive signs and graphics that are perfectly customized to suit your business goals, brand personality, and physical space.

Our indoor sign services include:

We keep your business looking great from any angle, providing cohesive outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, vinyl graphics, and any other commercial signage elements you could ever need!

Full-Service Interior Sign Manufacturers

Toronto Indoor Signs vinyl signages 3 300x200Toronto Custom Signs has a solid sign-making process specially designed to deliver excellent products and outstanding customer service, and it begins with a one-on-one consultation completely free of charge.

We provide sign design support, sign fabrication focused on earth-friendly processes and materials, and our team of expert sign installers can even professionally place your signage as part of our full-service signage offers.

We know the importance of professional signage, and our primary focus is on selecting the right elements, design, and placement to make your brand and business look great. As your complete Toronto indoor sign company, we are dedicated to earning and keeping your business by providing high-quality service, products, and support.

Free Expert Indoor Sign Consultation


The Toronto Custom Signs team of signage experts are more than ready to help you achieve your business goals. The indoor signs that we custom-craft for you can help your customers and visitors navigate your building safely and easily, they can help reinforce your brand identity, and can even sway your customers’ purchasing decisions to your favor.

We want to be a part of your journey to success, and we can start working on that with a free initial consultation where we get a clear understanding of your business, branding, vision, target market, and budget. We look forward to giving you honest feedback, practical advice, excellent signage products, and outstanding customer support.

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