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Brampton Monument Signs


Investing in high-impact outdoor signs can lead to increased traffic and, therefore, average tickets. If you’re looking for welcome signs that will certainly leave a good first impression on your target market, monument signs are one of the top choices.

custom foam monument signThese signs are stand-alone structures typically installed by the road about a couple or more meters from your actual building. They offer information at eye level so people passing by can easily recognize your business and get important details like your contact information and opening hours.

Toronto Custom Signs is a trusted signage company offering customized Brampton monument signs at the highest possible quality. We tailor our products not only to your brand image and personal preferences but to your budget as well, ensuring that you will get the best value of your signage investment.

So for durable signs designed, crafted, and installed by signage experts, work with our team right away!

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An Impressive Entrance

Regardless of which industry you’re in, you can make use of our attractive Brampton monument signs to immediately impress your potential customers by your entrance alone.

custom monument signThere are various materials that you can use for your monument sign to ensure that you achieve the look you’re aiming for while also reinforcing your brand image. Your choices include aluminum, brick, concrete, marble, and stone.

You may also choose to carve your business name and other details on your monument or use a digital display for a more modern look. You can also illuminate your sign with LED lighting or landscape spotlights, giving you that classy look with maximum visibility.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Monument signs are also a popular advertising tool for multi-tenant buildings.

Tenant Monument SignInstalled by the roadside, people can easily refer to these signs and get to know what businesses or offices can be found inside the building. This is a great way of giving exposure even to those tenants located in the innermost area of the building.

Multi-tenant monument signs are commonly used in malls, office buildings, and industrial parks. They can be installed with lightboxes so you can keep promoting your business and drawing people in during nighttime or even 24/7. You can also add a digital display with rotating messages or animation, depending on your budget and preferred style.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Whether you own a medium-sized business or run a multi-tenant building, we can customize the best Brampton monument sign for you.

Custom Monument SignWe would get to know your brand image and your design ideas for reference. We will also assess your business location to determine how to best give you an outstanding sign based on the nearby competition and other surrounding obstructions.

Our signage designers will help you finalize the details of your monument sign, such as its size, material, and overall design. We will ensure that we’ll give you exactly what you expect in regards to the look and durability of your signage.

From a simple yet professional appeal to a more unique and elegant look, our Brampton, ON sign company guarantees long-lasting monument signs that are worth everything you’ll pay for!

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Brampton Monument Signs Axe signs logo black 1 300x149If you want to increase your business’s foot traffic and average sales, invest in a durable monument sign that will boost your visibility and give your business an eye-catching, professional look.

Toronto Custom Signs is always ready to help you achieve your marketing goals in the most time- and cost-efficient way possible!

Call Toronto Custom Signs today at (647) 361-2019 for your Free Consultation with a Brampton Monument Sign expert!