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Get your business noticed, promote your highest-margin products, and attract new and returning customers with high-quality Brampton outdoor signs and graphics by Toronto Custom Signs!

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Outdoor signage has been a trusted means of brand promotion and business advertising for centuries and, even after technological advancements and consumer behavior evolution, it remains to be an effective tool now.

In fact, a FedEx-commissioned study shows that around 75% of consumers claim to have entered a store or business simply because of their signage. When strategically designed, expertly crafted, and properly installed, exterior signage can give you the power to impress, impact, and influence your target market.

Toronto Custom Signs is the go-to outdoor signs provider for businesses and organizations here in the Brampton area.

Brampton Outdoor Signs custom channel dimensional building storefront outdoor client 300x202Having catered to the signage needs of countless clients from major areas in Ontario, we understand the pivotal role that outdoor signage plays in every organization’s journey to success. We also understand that your signage needs are unique and you’re going to need unique signage solutions to meet them, which is exactly what we aim to do for you.

Toronto Custom Signs offers a vast selection of outdoor signage options for all types of establishments. From stately pole signs that catch your target market’s attention even at a distance, to awning signs that give passersby a bit of shelter from the Ontario weather, and everything in between, Toronto Custom Signs can give you outdoor signs that clearly convey your brand message to your unique target audience. We are ready to become your Brampton provider for all your outdoor signage needs!

Call Toronto Custom Signs at (647) 361-2019 for a Free Consultation with an Outdoor Sign Specialist!

Exterior Signage Considerations

Outdoor signage can come in all forms and sizes, making choosing the perfect one to be the face of your company or brand quite a challenge. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the selection process.

Location, Location, Location

There are countless outdoor sign options to choose from, but it’s important to note that not everything will look good on your establishment or bring in the results that you expect.
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Your sign’s location and placement need to be taken into consideration before any decision is made. A clear understanding of where your sign’s going to be placed will definitely help you decide on what size it should be, what material you should go with, and how durable it needs to be.

Here at Toronto Custom Signs, the outdoor signs we make are custom-crafted to best suit and complement the area where they’ll be placed. This is is one of the details that we make sure to get during our free initial conversation.

However, if you’re not sure where the exterior sign should be installed, our team of sign experts and professional installers can definitely help you out with that.

Does Your Signage Speak Your Brand Message?

Most of your audience sees your outdoor signs as the face of your business, an extension of your unique brand, and a reflection of the service/products that you offer.

Brampton Outdoor Signs lighted projecting cabinet sign client scaled 1 300x169Outdoor signs communicate to every single person who notices it, and it’s very important to ask yourself: Is my signage clearly conveying the message that I want it to? Does it speak to my company’s brand message?

Having been a signage provider for many years, Toronto Custom Signs understands that your outdoor signage advertises something about you. So what do you want to advertise about your company? If you want to exude strength and permanence, monument signs made of concrete or stone can convey that for you. If you’re looking to exude class and exclusivity, awning signs or canopy signs may be a good choice. If you want something eye-catching, brand-cohesive, and easily movable, professionally designed yard signs made from vinyl can be the answer.

There are countless ways to go about choosing your outdoor sign’s type, design, material, and placement, and our team of sign experts here at Toronto Custom Signs are here to give you the answers and advice that you need in the selection process. We are more than happy to assist you from start to finish!

Be Code-Compliant

Outdoor signs, just like many other sign types, don’t just come with benefits and results, they also come with responsibilities. One of these responsibilities would be code compliance. Here in Ontario, we have policies and regulations for different types of signs.

ADA Compliant SignageRoad signs, for example, follow certain standards and rules with regard to their size, shape, font style, font color, font size, etc. Certain indoor signs also need to be compliant to the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards. So before you start out with any sign project, it’s important to have an understanding of the laws, guidelines, and codes that your signs need to adhere to.

Here at Toronto Custom Signs, we’ve been in the business long enough to have the experience and expertise necessary in designing, fabricating, and installing code-compliant outdoor signs. During your free initial signage consultation, one of our experienced sign specialists will not only gather the necessary details about your business, brand, and budget, they will also take note of the sign types you need and will help you with researching any relevant local or state codes and standards.

Popular Storefront Signage Types

While there are many different exterior signs and graphic products available for both brand promotion and business identification, many businesses first consider their storefront sign. This sign will define their brand, and as such, should be crafted in a way to maximize visibility and cohesion with your business identity. There are many materials, methods, and processes for sign creation. As your Brampton outdoor signage experts, we make sure you are getting the ideal sign type for your needs, brand, budget, and business.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Channel letters, dimensional letters, and 3d logos are a customizable and popular storefront signage selection.

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With the ability to completely modify every aspect of your lettering and design, we can incorporate your branding through use of specific fonts, brand colours, and the appropriate size to suit both your placement on your building and to be easily seen and understood from those passing by. Your channel letters or dimensional signs can include any elements you would like, from your business name and tagline to custom cut or formed shapes, such as your logo. With this high level of personalization, every business gets a sign that is unique and perfectly suited to their business.

We deliver high-quality, durable building signs that withstand weathering and daily wear. If you are looking for a branded sign that will withstand the test of time, dimensional letters or channel letters are the perfect choice.

Channel letters are durable, versatile, and highly-customizable, making them a popular choice across business types.

Custom Sign Panels

Sign panels are one of the fastest and most affordable storefront signage options.

custom storefront sign panel

Custom sign panels are customized to your building, brand, and desires, with the exact messaging and placement you desire. Sign panels are often fixed directly to the storefront, and are constructed of a metal panel with final sheets or cut lettering adhered. They can also be utilized as part of a cabinet or lightbox sign, or utilized in other locations, such as part of a monument or pole sign.

Sign panels allow for full-color graphic design, making them a great choice for brands with complex or complicated logos, or those desiring to use a secondary background color to give their sign more impact.

Our sign panel experts will discuss your timeframe, space, budget, and desires to recommend the appropriate type of panel sign for your business and needs.

Sign Panels work well for new and small businesses, service providers, manufacturing plants, and other business types seeking a functional & effective customized storefront sign.

Lighted Signs

When the nights are long or the weather is poor, nothing attracts customers better than a custom lighted sign!

Brampton Outdoor Signs illuminated channel letters client 300x250

LED signs, such as illuminated channel letters, backlit dimensional letters, or digital message centers and displays make it easy for new customers to find you any time and in any weather condition. LED illuminated signs are earth-friendly compared to alternatives like neon or fluorescent. They produce less waste, require less power for operation, last longer, and require only a fraction of both initial and maintenance costs over time.

The key to a good sign is visibility! There are many options for custom lighted signage, from traditional neon signs to adding traditional lighting to panel signs. Our signage experts can create a new outdoor lighted sign for your storefront, or can help you get more visibility for your existing signage by adding lighted elements.

Lighted signs are ideal for restaurants, gas stations, retail stores, convenience stores, theaters, comedy clubs, nightclubs, bars, comedy clubs, and any business looking to improve their visibility.

Complete Outdoor Signage Provider

According to studies, over 70% of consumers often shop on their way home from work. The study also says that 68% of consumers frequently make shopping-related decisions as they drive. Such differences in consumer behavior is one reason why you need a wide range of outdoor sign types to choose from.

Brampton Outdoor Signs metal dimensional letters outdoor custom client scaled 1 300x200

If you’re looking to influence people who shop on their way home from work, putting up storefront signs strategically designed and positioned to greet potential customers as they pass by can be an effective way to do that. If you want to draw in those that make shopping decisions in their cars, then you can perhaps take advantage of traffic jams and invest in vehicle wraps.

Of course, a wide selection also means a more challenging selection process. Don’t worry! Our team of Brampton outdoor sign experts are here to help you out. They guide you through the sign selection process by giving you the pros and cons of each sign type, answering your questions, providing honest feedback to your ideas, and making professional recommendations.

Whatever your choice may be, Toronto Custom Signs is here to bring your ideas to life. We handle all outdoor signage projects here in our local facility so you can easily check on it and keep track on the progress. We are excited to be your local signage provider for all your signage needs!

Our other exterior signs include:

Toronto Custom Signs is the go-to sign company for businesses and organizations here in Brampton. If outdoor signs aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, we also do business signs, vinyl signs, custom signs, indoor signs, and even vehicle wraps.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Toronto Custom Signs is your Brampton outdoor sign company, providing high-quality support throughout your custom signage project.

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From assistance with concept and design through to final installation, we make sure you are getting the right signage type, size, and design to effectively support your branding and business goals.

From earth-friendly production techniques and materials to professional sign installation, we work with a high level of attention to detail in every aspect of sign manufacturing. We maximize our material use to save you money, and make sure to leave your signage ready for immediate display.

When you need the right sign to grow your business, attract more customers, or promote your latest offering, our expert sign designers, fabricators, and outdoor sign installers will deliver for you.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

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Effectively designed, crafted, and installed outdoor signage can play a huge role in your business or organization’s success—and we want to be a part of that journey!

Let’s get your project moving with a one-on-one initial consultation with a Toronto Custom Signs sign expert completely free of charge! We look forward to delivering highly-attractive, highly-effective outdoor signs.

Call Toronto Custom Signs at (647) 361-2019 for a Free Consultation with an Exterior Sign Specialist!