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Toronto Digital Signs


Convenience, cost-efficiency, and a dynamic, modern appeal that can attract people of all ages—these are what our Toronto digital signs can offer. These custom business signs are guaranteed to help boost your visibility, increase foot traffic, and keep your customers drawn to your establishment.

custom digital message center pole sign

Toronto Custom Signs designs, manufactures, and installs digital signs in different types, styles, and sizes. We can create them as a freestanding structure or mount them on your wall or ceiling, depending on the available space and the look you’re going for.

Whether you intend to use your digital sign as an outdoor or indoor marketing tool, our signage experts will ensure that its design and durability will be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Aside from ensuring that your signage reinforces your brand, we’ll also use the most durable material within your budget range.

More importantly, you don’t have to worry about the overall cost since they come with LED screens and lighting that don’t only have a cheaper purchase cost but also have reduced energy consumption!

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Dynamic, Attractive Digital Signs

Our customized Toronto digital signs can easily reinforce your brand while making your business more captivating to your specific target market.

custom digital message center gas station monumentYou can choose among different sizes, shapes, and display options to better suit the layout of your building as well as the appeal that you want your business to have.

Unlike traditional business signage, digital signs won’t only provide you with high-resolution images and texts. You can also use them to stream videos for more in-depth product advertising, provide your guests with more information about your brand, or simply entertain them. You can even install interactive displays and make them more engaging for your customers.

And the best part? The information your digital sign displays can be customized and changed whenever you need to—giving you significant savings from not having to constantly change your promotional signs. Top this with their bright and high-quality graphics, and your digital signs are guaranteed to increase your traffic and average ticket!

Outdoor Digital Displays

Digital signs are one of the most eye-catching outdoor signs that your business could have.

lighted digital message center pole signFrom streaming captivating videos to using large screens for maximum attraction and visibility, digital displays will help you outshine your competitors and draw more customers day after day.

You can install outdoor digital signs and use them for 24/7 advertising. They can act as posters for new offerings or simply display your brand name, slogan, and opening hours. It’s also better to use LED screens since they’re more environmentally friendly and won’t rack up too high of a monthly utility bill.

Aside from advertising, you can use outdoor digital signs to display real-time information for the public. This can include weather forecasts, transportation schedules, building maps, and other information that can help your guests.

Indoor Digital Displays

Complete with bright screens and attractive, customized graphics, digital displays can make any interior more pleasing to customers, guests, and employees alike.

custom digital menu boardThey can strengthen your advertising efforts as point-of-purchase displays, menu boards, or digital posters displaying your most enticing product photo.

Aside from promotions, indoor digital displays can be used for directories, informational graphics, wayfinding information, safety reminders, and motivational messages.

If you want to announce company milestones or inform people about your business history, vision, and other important details, digital signs offer an easy and more engaging way of achieving it!

Full-Service Sign Company

If you’re looking for the best company to provide you with high-quality Toronto digital signs, you’ve come to the right place.

custom lighted digital message board pole signToronto Custom Signs has now been in the sign-making industry for a long time, shaping our expertise and efficiency when it comes to designing, creating, and installing all types of business signs.

We cater to all kinds of businesses, regardless of your industry, size, or budget range. Our signage design experts will make sure that your business signs will not only be consistent with your brand elements but will also look professional, attractive, and specifically appealing to your particular target market.

Apart from securing a high-resolution design, we also ensure that your digital signs will last for a long time. Our fabrication team will do everything in-house, using high-grade and cost-efficient materials to give the best value for your investment. More importantly, our Toronto, ON sign company has an expert installation team who will properly set up your signage’s power source and make the process as quick and safe as possible.

Free Digital Sign Consultation

Toronto Digital Signs Axe signs logo black 1 300x149Make use of modern innovations and improve your marketing campaigns with high-quality digital signs.

Toronto Custom Signs would love to discuss all the options you have and help make your business more captivating than ever—inside or out!

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