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Vehicle Wraps & Graphics
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Toronto Vehicle Wraps & Graphics


Highlight your brand and promote your business wherever you go with eye-catching and engaging vinyl vehicle wraps by Toronto Custom Signs.

custom full vehicle wrap

Every day, new businesses are discovering the benefits of vehicle wraps and graphics. From brand promotion to improving customer confidence, commercial car, van, and truck wraps protect your investment while building interest in your business. We understand how important it is to get consistent brand exposure in order to improve brand recognition, and vehicle wraps are a great way to support that.

From fleets of commercial vehicles to single food tucks, we provide high-quality, durable vehicle wraps, graphics, magnets, lettering, and more. As a full-service Toronto vehicle wrap company, we efficiently and expertly manage wrap design, wrap fabrication, and professional wrap installation so you can be confident your marketing message is both high-impact and high-visibility.

Our wrap professionals work with speed, skill, and precision, ensuring your vehicle graphics project is compelling, supportive of your brand, and attractively finished to deliver maximum results.

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Vinyl Graphics, Partial Wraps, & Magnets

As a complete Toronto signs and graphics company, we treat your vehicle wrap project like any other signage project. We utilize a goal-oriented approach, where we listen to your ultimate objectives and design custom promotional graphics and wraps that support those needs. Some clients are looking to build consistent visibility for their brand, while others want flexibility in when and where they display their promotional messaging. Some businesses are focused more on client support and professionalism. Whatever your needs, goals, or desires, we have the right commercial wrap solution for you.

Toronto Vehicle Wraps & Graphics vehicle wrap options

Full Vehicle Wraps

custom full vehicle wrap

Full vehicle wraps by Toronto Custom Signs are an excellent choice if you’re looking to give your vehicle seamless coverage and maximum paint protection from everyday wear. When a vehicle is fully wrapped, it’s practically being used as a canvas for tasteful and brand-cohesive design. This allows you to have control over the design that goes on your vehicle’s body and the overall look of your vehicle. Full vehicle wraps can help turn your vehicle into a powerful advertising tool on wheels and can ultimately maximize brand impact for your business.

Here at Toronto Custom Signs, we make sure that you get the best full vehicle wraps service in Toronto. Our team of vinyl wrap experts work on your projects with precise measurements, heavy-duty vinyl, superior-quality ink, and years’ worth of experience in meticulous and careful installation. We make sure that your vehicles get an impressive look that lasts a really long time.

Partial Car Wraps

partial vehicle graphics

While vinyl vehicle wraps are highly effective marketing tools, not everyone can commit to getting a full wrap. If you’re one of them, a partial vehicle wrap by Toronto Custom Signs may be what you need. Cheaper but still as effective as full wraps, partial wraps cover only around 30% to 70% of a vehicle, strategically highlighting and drawing attention to certain sections of the automobile. They are effective in making specific areas of your vehicle the focal point. These areas can include the roof, hood, doors, side panels, windows, or hatch.

Partial wraps can get tricky, though, especially when you get one that ends in the middle of the panel. Those that end where the panel ends have a clean-cut and a seamless look, but those that end mid-panel will have a subtle edge where the vinyl ends and the paint begins. The key here is to make that edge subtle and the transition to the vehicle paint clean. Our team of vinyl wrap specialists are willing to take on that challenge and can help you in deciding the best look for your wrap.

Vinyl Graphics

custom vinyl vehicle lettering

Aside from full and partial vinyl vehicle wraps, Toronto Custom Signs is also a trusted provider of vinyl graphics for vehicles. Our vinyl graphics products include individually cut images, lettering, logos, stripes, text, monograms, etc., customized to meet your branding, taste, and business goal. They are typically applied individually onto vehicles.

If you’re looking to maximize the space on your vehicles by using your windows as well, Toronto Custom Signs also delivers high-quality perforated window film. They are a wonderful complement to your vehicle wrap and also gives those inside the vehicle some degree of privacy and shade. There are many ways you can make your vehicle an impactful reflection of your brand. If you’re looking for vehicle wrap and vinyl graphics of the best quality here in Toronto, just head over to Toronto Custom Signs for a free initial consultation.

Vehicle Magnets

car magnet

Are you looking for a customizable or removable option? If advertising your brand 24/7 is not feasible for you, such as those who live in restricted signage neighborhoods, or who enjoy being a little more relaxed regarding the rules of the road on their off time, vehicle magnets are a great alternative.

Easy to remove, reposition, and replace at any time, vehicle magnets are also highly customizable, allowing contractors who represent multiple businesses to always have a professional presence.

With many options for color, text, placement, and size, our team of car magnet experts can determine and deliver the ideal promotional magnet for your commercial vehicle.

Perforated Window Film

custom perforated window filmThere are many finishing touches you can incorporate to add to the professionalism or promotional nature of your wrap. One of the most popular additions is perforated window film.

Perforated film doesn’t obstruct visibility from the inside, while displaying your custom promotional message to those looking from the outside in. This means you can provide privacy for vehicle inhabitants, deliveries, packages, and tools of your trade while you are conducting business.

Vinyl window film is ideal for transit vans, buses, or even passenger vehicles, providing an attractive and completely professional finish. Whatever type of vehicle, level of wrapping, or budget you have for your commercial vehicle graphics project, Toronto Custom Signs has the right solution for you!

Professionals Wraps For All Vehicle Types

Vehicle wraps can help your business a great deal by advertising your brand in areas any stationary signage may never reach.

custom vinyl food truck wrap

It’s very important to remember though that in order for you to achieve the best results, your vehicle wrap needs to clearly speak your message and accurately represent your brand; and you just can’t do this with generic designs and run-of-the-mill wraps.

Toronto Custom Signs has been in the vehicle wrap industry for a long time and we understand the impact and influence a vehicle wrap has when it’s custom-designed and custom-made according to meet your unique and specific needs. This is exactly why we custom-craft every vehicle wrap project we handle.

The vehicle wraps that we produce are all designed in-house by our talented team of graphic artists. They have the experience and expertise in design advertising/promotional material as well as its application and function, and these are extremely useful when creating attractive and effective vehicle wraps. So whether you’re looking to get your car, van, truck, jetski, motorcycle, snowmobile, or an entire bus fleet wrapped in excellent-quality vinyl, Toronto Custom Signs is here to provide vehicle wraps specially designed, fabricated, and installed to effectively establish your brand and authority.

Our vehicle wrap services include:

Toronto Custom Signs is a trusted custom signs provider in many parts of Ontario, and we’re so excited to meet all your signage needs here in Toronto.

FAQ: Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Graphics

Can my vehicle be damaged by a vinyl vehicle wrap?

custom car wrap

With proper fabrication, high-quality materials, and careful installation, a vinyl vehicle wrap does not damage any vehicle. On the contrary, it actually gives your vehicle an added layer of protection from everyday wear and from Ontario weather elements.

The key here is to make sure that your vehicle wrap and vinyl graphics projects are handled by experienced and trusted professionals. Here at Toronto Custom Signs, we can assure you that we use superior vinyl and the best fabrication techniques for any vehicle wrap order. We also see to it that your vehicle is free of any debris or wax buildup before wrap installation is done. Our goal is to give you vehicle wraps that are attractive, effective, and long-lasting.

What material is a vehicle wrap made from?

custom airplane graphics

The vehicle wraps we use here at Toronto Custom Signs are made from superior-quality, heavy-duty vinyl with a laminate finish. We invest in the best materials and substrates because we not only want your vehicle to look good, we also want it to look good for the longest time possible while protecting your paint.

Depending on how long you plan to utilize your wrap, Toronto Custom Signs also gives you the option to choose between standard cast vinyl and calendared film vinyl.

How long do vehicle wraps last?

Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl vehicle wraps typically last between one to five years, depending on a couple of factors. Such factors include the purpose of your wrap, the level of wrapping, and your budget for the project. Here at Toronto Custom Signs, for example, our clients who want their vehicle wraps regularly removed and replaced can best benefit from wraps that are more economical and more easily removed.

If you want your commercial vehicle wrap to last a long time, you can head over to our shop here in Toronto and schedule regular maintenance. This involve assessing the condition of your wrap and making the necessary fixes and replacements for elements that are no longer effective

What types of vehicles can be wrapped?

custom boat wrap design

Toronto Custom Signs’s vehicle wrap and vinyl graphics service caters to a wide variety of vehicles. We do cars, food trucks, vans, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and even bus fleets. Our vehicle wrap projects are custom-crafted for our clients, and this is how we make sure that the wraps we produce fit your vehicle.

Our project starts with a free initial consultation where you sit down with one of our experienced vehicle wrap experts and we get a clear understanding of what your needs, goals, ideas, concerns, and resources are. We also use this time to get the necessary details about your vehicle/s to ensure the most suitable design and fit.

Who installs my vehicle wrap?

custom vehicle wrap installation

Installing a vehicle wrap is no easy feat, and if you’re looking for the best results, you should seriously leave this to the experts. Our professional wrap technicians here at Toronto Custom Signs have the training, equipment, and experience needed to get the job done carefully and properly.

Our team are also more than happy to answer your questions, provide you honest feedback, make helpful recommendations, and give professional advice regarding your vehicle wrap project.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

Toronto Vehicle Wraps & Graphics skymark logo

We make the first step to our tried-and-tested production process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Oh, and it’s free too! We kick things off with a one-on-one initial consultation completely free of charge.

Toronto Custom Signs not only provides excellent vehicle wrap service, we also give outstanding start-to-finish customer support. We work with you closely so that you always know what to expect from us during the entire process. We are ready to become your local provider for all your commercial Toronto vehicle wrap and graphics needs.

Call Toronto Custom Signs at (647) 361-2019 for your Free Consultation with a Vehicle Wrap Specialist!